Keynote Speaker

Every important event needs a catalyst that will come in and generate the fuel of energy, finesse of clarity and fire of inspiration within the theme of the event, which will set the tone and “transform the moment into a lasting memory”

Esther will deliver the above and more with expert knowledge and professional experience as the Keynote Speaker for your next event in the area of Internet Marketing.

 Resource Expert

Social Media Marketing training in Ghana, Facilitating a workshop in Ghana
Facilitating the 12th Ghana International Bookfair Seminar. I spoke on “the Internet, the publishers friend, foe or frenemy?”

Whether it is a knowledge forum, a think tank workshop, a strategic retreat, or any session that brings together groups which are large or small, there is always the need for that critical, comprehensive, topic driven expert contributor that can add value and impact to the participants.

Esther’s aptitude in the areas of Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Strategy, makes her the desired choice for a Resource Expert.

 Customized Speaking Sessions

Sometimes you want customized training for your teams and groups. Esther understands that. She will work with you to develop a comprehensive session that will stimulate and empower the minds of participants.

Media Interview and discussions

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Social Media expert in Ghana, Esther Nyaadie
On the set of ” A different view” with Gena West. We were discussing the “rise of the virtual world”

I am available to discuss topics pertaining to the internet and marketing, as a guest expert on your radio, TV or podcast show, or newspaper, or magazine.  I will bring relevant, informative and entertaining insight to the table any day.

The choices of topics are wide and varied, some of which are:

  • Using the Internet to grow and develop your business
  • Understanding Social Media strategy
  • Social Media Tools for marketing
  • Social Customer Service

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