Whether you are

  • A starter
  • small/medium enterprise
  • Or a corporate organization

We can work together to breathe fire in your Social Media/rock your brand on Social Media. You can pick one or a mix of any of the under listed packages.  Every client is unique therefore each strategy will be carved to suit your needs.


Brand persona and presence:

Your brand will receive guidance on the platforms which will work best for you. Social Media is about building relationships and communicating; the more relatable a brand is on Social, the better. We would also work to gather to determine your brand’s persona that is, tone and personality on Social Media.

Content creation:

This will involve the right type of content for your audience to consume. Each platform is different and should be treated as such. One size does not fit all on Social Media. We will work to create messages that are valuable and relevant to your audience. The ultimate goal of creating informative and educative content is the attraction and retention of customers.

This is an example of content created for a client (a printing firm)


What approach can you take on Social Media to successfully connect with your customers? Do you need help getting started with your social media marketing strategy? Do you know what to include? We will work on what to include in your social media marketing strategy so it works from day one.


I will provide guidance and assistance in professionally branded and consistent social media profiles across board. I will make it easy for your customers or clients to find you and allow you to start marketing and selling your products and services immediately.

Art direction:

The spotlight in Social Media is weighing more and more on visual content.  Statistics show that audiences are more drawn to “visual content” online than any other form of content. This presents an enormous opportunity for businesses to appeal to the visual senses of their audience.  I will arm you with the key concepts and strategies that your brand needs in order to leverage the power of this shift towards the achievement of their overall goals.

Implementation and evaluation:

This service will involve execution of the activities that support your Social Media goals. It will entail scheduling and streamlining your activity with spreadsheets and calendars. It will also require an evaluation of what is and what is not working. This will let us know what techniques you need to be learning or putting in place ahead of time. We will also be able to assess and tweak your plan when needed. Understanding what you should be measuring in terms of results with your Social Media and tracking your goals is also a part of this package.

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