7 Challenges of using hashtags in online marketing

So far we have dealt with what a hashtag is and how it aids marketers in their online promotional efforts. Although a great way to market on social media, hashtags have their drawbacks. In this article we look at some challenges associated with using hashtags in marketing and examine some cases of hashtag fails. MarketersContinue reading “7 Challenges of using hashtags in online marketing”

The Prospects of using Hashtags in Online Marketing (Part 2)

In last week’s blog post, we discussed the various prospects of hashtags and the uses they have been put to by marketers and individuals on social media. We mentioned that these included awareness creation, starting conversations, expressing sentiments, and organizing events. Let us continue today by analyzing their role in grouping content, prospecting for newContinue reading “The Prospects of using Hashtags in Online Marketing (Part 2)”

Now trending: #Hashtags

The hashtag is becoming increasingly popular on most social media platforms particularly Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus. This means that these virtual appendages Internet users tack on to keywords are here to stay, at least well into the foreseeable future. The rise of the hashtag has unlocked powerful tools for socialContinue reading “Now trending: #Hashtags”


INSTAGRAM DIRECT: SPAMMERS’ HEAVEN OR MARKETERS’ PARADISE   On December 12th 2013, Instagram announced the introduction of a direct messaging feature they labelled Instagram Direct. This added feature allows users to send private text, photos and videos to individuals or a group of up to 15 people (Figure 1). Figure 1 This new addition hasContinue reading “USING INSTAGRAM DIRECT FOR BUSINESS”


Are you scrambling to pull off something perfect online for the holidays? Maybe you started planning your online holiday marketing since June and are about rounding off! Whatever the case – you may still be doing some ‘last minutes’. Here are a few tips to help boost your business 24 hours to Christmas and duringContinue reading “24 HOURS TO CHRISTMAS; LAST MINUTE IDEAS FOR YOUR BRAND ON SOCIAL MEDIA”