WHAT’S UP WITH WHATSAPP? Whatsapp’s New Privacy Changes and Its Impact on Users and Marketers

  Most Ghanaians who own Smartphones have WhatsApp as their go-to messaging platform for connecting with friends and loved ones. WhatsApp also plays a crucial role in business transactions as more and more businesses are employing the various functionalities of the app to communicate with their customers and prospects.

3 Free and Incredibly Useful Educational Websites You Should Know About

This week we explore 3 free useful educational websites were you can get tons of resources on many subject areas including learning a  new language.

5 Tips to boost your business on Social Media

This week we examine 5 tips that will give your marketing efforts a boost on Social Media.  The foundation of excelling in Social Media marketing is to know what you want to say, where you have to say it and to whom.

7 ways to leverage Instagram Stories for your brand/business

On August 2nd, Instagram made an announcement which turned the Internet upside down: “Today, we’re introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshowContinue reading “7 ways to leverage Instagram Stories for your brand/business”

2 Free Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Productivity and Organization

Last week, we discussed the reasons why it was very important to allow employees to use Social Media and the benefits a company could accrue if these employees were trained to become an army of advocates online. With all of these freedoms comes the responsibility of using these technological advancements prudently. This week I discussContinue reading “2 Free Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Productivity and Organization”

Employee Social Media Literacy Training: a must for growth and profitability

We all accept that the internet has changed the dynamics of business and our lives are becoming intertwined with digital media. As businesses struggle to gain balance on these platforms and scramble to get traffic to their websites, gain more exposure and grow profits among other things, we forget one of the greatest tools weContinue reading “Employee Social Media Literacy Training: a must for growth and profitability”

Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)

Last week we examined the benefits of Facebook Live to businesses. We also went through the steps of starting a Facebook Live broadcast. We concluded that a business/brand can use Facebook Live to create a deeper connection, build intimacy and authenticity, humanize and personalize their brand.   Many new opportunities for marketing business abound with Facebook Live. ThisContinue reading “Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)”

Facebook Live: Why it matters for Marketers/Businesses – I

On Friday, 8th April, ‘watermelon’ became a trending topic on both Facebook and Twitter.  This was a result of a Facebook Live video put up by BuzzFeed. The video featured two Buzzfeed employees who were testing how many rubber bands you could put on a watermelon before it exploded. The video was shot with just anContinue reading “Facebook Live: Why it matters for Marketers/Businesses – I”

How Messenger codes can grow your business

Facebook continues to make direct communication (through its Messenger app) fast and convenient for both people and businesses. On Thursday (7th April), Facebook announced that it had started rolling out new features for Messenger.  These included a Snapchat like feature: scanable codes. Messenger codes intends to make messaging  a more effective communication channel for your business.

6 tips to Excellent Twitter Customer Service

In our recent articles, we have discussed how social customer care can give businesses a competitive advantage. In the previous article, we examined how we could use Facebook for customer service. This week we look at Twitter. Twitter is a personal and swift social medium where most people share their opinions in 140 characters. TwitterContinue reading “6 tips to Excellent Twitter Customer Service”