3 Free and Incredibly Useful Educational Websites You Should Know About

This week we explore 3 free useful educational websites were you can get tons of resources on many subject areas including learning a  new language.

Employee Social Media Literacy Training: a must for growth and profitability

We all accept that the internet has changed the dynamics of business and our lives are becoming intertwined with digital media. As businesses struggle to gain balance on these platforms and scramble to get traffic to their websites, gain more exposure and grow profits among other things, we forget one of the greatest tools weContinue reading “Employee Social Media Literacy Training: a must for growth and profitability”

Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)

Last week we examined the benefits of Facebook Live to businesses. We also went through the steps of starting a Facebook Live broadcast. We concluded that a business/brand can use Facebook Live to create a deeper connection, build intimacy and authenticity, humanize and personalize their brand.   Many new opportunities for marketing business abound with Facebook Live. ThisContinue reading “Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)”

Slack, a collaborative application for ultra productivity

Most modern work teams and groups are resorting to Mobile Social Networking applications like WhatsApp and Telegram to stay connected. I have witnessed firsthand how a staff WhatsApp group transformed team dynamics positively. It can be argued that Tech tools which enable teams to work seamlessly can boost productivity. One of such remarkable tools forContinue reading “Slack, a collaborative application for ultra productivity”

Using Social Media for Customer Service – Feedback

Customer feedback can be one of the greatest sources of learning for a brand/business. Feedback gives an understanding of the why’s behind revenue numbers and other implicit metrics. In our last article, we looked at best practices in handling/answering customer queries on Social Media. We noted that complaints – a form of feedback, are justContinue reading “Using Social Media for Customer Service – Feedback”