Social Customer Service – 3 Ghanaian cases to learn from

Social Media is a great tool for offering help to your customer and by doing so, creating a customer for life. How do you assist a customer who reaches out (to you) on Social Media to ensure that your customer is satisfied? Before the advent of Social Media, customer complaints could be easily ‘nipped inContinue reading “Social Customer Service – 3 Ghanaian cases to learn from”

Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)

Last week we examined the benefits of Facebook Live to businesses. We also went through the steps of starting a Facebook Live broadcast. We concluded that a business/brand can use Facebook Live to create a deeper connection, build intimacy and authenticity, humanize and personalize their brand.   Many new opportunities for marketing business abound with Facebook Live. ThisContinue reading “Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)”

How Messenger codes can grow your business

Facebook continues to make direct communication (through its Messenger app) fast and convenient for both people and businesses. On Thursday (7th April), Facebook announced that it had started rolling out new features for Messenger.  These included a Snapchat like feature: scanable codes. Messenger codes intends to make messaging  a more effective communication channel for your business.

Using Social Media for Customer Service – Feedback

Customer feedback can be one of the greatest sources of learning for a brand/business. Feedback gives an understanding of the why’s behind revenue numbers and other implicit metrics. In our last article, we looked at best practices in handling/answering customer queries on Social Media. We noted that complaints – a form of feedback, are justContinue reading “Using Social Media for Customer Service – Feedback”

Using Social Media for Customer Service – How to Answer Customers

In the last two articles, we have examined the importance of Social Customer Service. We have also looked at why Social Media is a great tool for customer service. In our last article, we established two things were important if brands were to offer exceptional Social Customer Service. These are listening and engaging.

Social Customer Service – An Introduction

When we consider the value of social media to business, we mostly consider its significance to marketing. The benefits of social media to marketing are enormous and almost every business person is aware of how valuable social media is to marketing. Another way of using social media that is of much significance to business yetContinue reading “Social Customer Service – An Introduction”