3 Free and Incredibly Useful Educational Websites You Should Know About

This week we explore 3 free useful educational websites were you can get tons of resources on many subject areas including learning a  new language.

2 Free Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Productivity and Organization

Last week, we discussed the reasons why it was very important to allow employees to use Social Media and the benefits a company could accrue if these employees were trained to become an army of advocates online. With all of these freedoms comes the responsibility of using these technological advancements prudently. This week I discussContinue reading “2 Free Smartphone Apps to Improve Your Productivity and Organization”

Slack, a collaborative application for ultra productivity

Most modern work teams and groups are resorting to Mobile Social Networking applications like WhatsApp and Telegram to stay connected. I have witnessed firsthand how a staff WhatsApp group transformed team dynamics positively. It can be argued that Tech tools which enable teams to work seamlessly can boost productivity. One of such remarkable tools forContinue reading “Slack, a collaborative application for ultra productivity”