Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)

Last week we examined the benefits of Facebook Live to businesses. We also went through the steps of starting a Facebook Live broadcast. We concluded that a business/brand can use Facebook Live to create a deeper connection, build intimacy and authenticity, humanize and personalize their brand.   Many new opportunities for marketing business abound with Facebook Live. ThisContinue reading “Facebook Live: why it matters to your business (2)”

Facebook Live: Why it matters for Marketers/Businesses – I

On Friday, 8th April, ‘watermelon’ became a trending topic on both Facebook and Twitter.  This was a result of a Facebook Live video put up by BuzzFeed. The video featured two Buzzfeed employees who were testing how many rubber bands you could put on a watermelon before it exploded. The video was shot with just anContinue reading “Facebook Live: Why it matters for Marketers/Businesses – I”

How Messenger codes can grow your business

Facebook continues to make direct communication (through its Messenger app) fast and convenient for both people and businesses. On Thursday (7th April), Facebook announced that it had started rolling out new features for Messenger.  These included a Snapchat like feature: scanable codes. Messenger codes intends to make messaging  a more effective communication channel for your business.