2 Free Mobile Apps That Will Help You To Wow Your Customers

“The secret to success is to treat all customers as if your world revolves around them.” – Anonymous We can all agree that having loyal customers is very important for the overall health of your business. However in today’s noisy and crowded advertising space, it is easy for customers to switch to a competing product orContinue reading “2 Free Mobile Apps That Will Help You To Wow Your Customers”

Using Social Media for Customer Service – How to Answer Customers

In the last two articles, we have examined the importance of Social Customer Service. We have also looked at why Social Media is a great tool for customer service. In our last article, we established two things were important if brands were to offer exceptional Social Customer Service. These are listening and engaging.

Social Customer Service – An Introduction

When we consider the value of social media to business, we mostly consider its significance to marketing. The benefits of social media to marketing are enormous and almost every business person is aware of how valuable social media is to marketing. Another way of using social media that is of much significance to business yetContinue reading “Social Customer Service – An Introduction”