LinkedIn Optimization Workshop

Are you seeking to:

🔘 Attract new clients,

🔘 enhance your job prospects,

🔘 and advance your career?

Then you are at the right place 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

Whether you are job hunting, prospecting for clients or building your CV for the future,  branding online is an important factor to consider. We cannot take a professional digital presence for granted especially in this era where our lives are increasingly intertwined with the digital movement.  Therefore, there is a need to invest in building your brand online. This is the reason why we have come up with the LinkedIn Optimization Workshop. A hands-on step-by-step guidance sessions to optimize and maximize your presence on LinkedIn.

💥 LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with hundreds of millions of members, and continues to grow rapidly.💥

When understood and applied correctly, personal branding online, has the potential to launch a person’s career to new heights and provide a clear focus for personal development. So whether you are  looking for a job, trying to connect with potential clients, managing a small business or building your CV for the future you need to be a part of this workshop.

Date: February 2018

Time: 9:00 am

Venue: To be communicated later

————-At the workshop ———

LinkedIn Optimization Workshop. Digital Nuggets. Esther Nyaadie
A hands-on approach

We will assist you to align your LinkedIn profile to your aspirations and target audience by walking you through proven steps to build your brand image, your brand voice and your brand promise.

📸 📹 Visuals branding

  • You will get your photo taken for an explosive head shot for your LinkedIn profile
  • We will coach you to design a background photo and other relevant visuals for your LinkedIn profile.

🎤🎤 Talk/Mentoring session

  • Facilitated by a seasoned and experienced Administrator, Author, Planner and Educationist.

✍🏿📄 Crafting content and editing

  • Wordsmith and editor to help with crafting the perfect headline, summary and experience sections
  • We will also help edit and proof read it so that it is a 100% error free.


———— Workshop Fee ———–

LinkedIn Optimization Workshop Package - picture source: Ndudu by Fafa
image: Ndudu 

Gh⊄ 150

Fees also include:

  • tea/coffee, lunch
  • Makeup for photo shoot if you desire
  • Styling advice for photo shoot
  • Extra professional power pose photo
  • Internet access

 Call 0244180435 for further details.

———What to bring———

  • A laptop
  • Mobile device (Smartphone, tablet etc)
  • USB Cable which can connect your Mobile device to your laptop
  • Dress code: Formal/professional attire (Please dress for success, you can bring a professional change of clothes too)

——–   Sessions   ——–

Part one ————

Maximizing the power of YOU

We would walk through engaging exercises to help participants understand how to

  • identify their core brand assets
  • consistently craft content which communicates your effect on your environment and
  • what you are known for through your image, brand voice, and the experience of knowing you or working with you

Part two  ————

LinkedIn Optimization Workshop Package - picture source: Ndudu by Fafa
Photoshoot + styling and makeup services

Photo shoot and networking (Coffee break)

  • introductions, networking, sharing ideas and experiences
  • photo shoot sessions

Part three ———–

Maximizing your Visual Branding

your brand image, your brand voice and your brand promise

🍽 Lunch 🍽

Part four ———–

Mentoring session  – The bags of gold

Talk on how we can maximize our talents and some attitude changes that can catapult our brands to the top

Who should attend?

  • Thought leaders
  • Experts and coaches
  • Individuals
  • Small Business
  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners
  • Organizations

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