In our previous 4 articles, we examined Social Media with regards to Customer Service. This week, we veer away a little from Social Media and delve into the world of Email for Customer Support. Email has transformed the way we communicate and continues to evolve.   Gmail’s arrival in 2004 with enhanced features like greaterContinue reading “USING GMAIL ‘CANNED RESPONSES’ FOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT”

Using Social Media for Customer Service – Feedback

Customer feedback can be one of the greatest sources of learning for a brand/business. Feedback gives an understanding of the why’s behind revenue numbers and other implicit metrics. In our last article, we looked at best practices in handling/answering customer queries on Social Media. We noted that complaints – a form of feedback, are justContinue reading “Using Social Media for Customer Service – Feedback”

Using Social Media for Customer Service – How to Answer Customers

In the last two articles, we have examined the importance of Social Customer Service. We have also looked at why Social Media is a great tool for customer service. In our last article, we established two things were important if brands were to offer exceptional Social Customer Service. These are listening and engaging.

Using Social Media for Customer Service – Listen, Hear and Engage

Using Social Media for Customer Service – Listen, Hear and Engage. “A Twitter user shared an image of himself during his juice cleanse with health hashtags (such as – #HealthyEating, #HealthyLiving, #Nutrition).  General Electric (GE), after finding him through one of the shared hashtags, began a conversation with him. After a brief conversation where GEContinue reading “Using Social Media for Customer Service – Listen, Hear and Engage”

Using social media for advocacy

“On July 1st, 2014 a group calling themselves Concerned Ghanaians for Responsible Governance (CGRG) organised the first ever #Occupy protest in Ghana. The protest dubbed #OccupyFlagStaffhouse was to ask government to solve corruption and the deteriorating economic conditions in the country, among other things. This protest which was were organised mainly on Social Media sawContinue reading “Using social media for advocacy”

10 things to consider when choosing hashtags for marketing campaigns

Hashtags are an invaluable tool in marketing any business, both offline and online. It is easier for people to refer to and talk about your brand on a social network they frequent (that is on social media) rather than visit your website. Hashtags make it easier for a brand to be referenced on social media.Continue reading “10 things to consider when choosing hashtags for marketing campaigns”

Now trending: #Hashtags

The hashtag is becoming increasingly popular on most social media platforms particularly Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus. This means that these virtual appendages Internet users tack on to keywords are here to stay, at least well into the foreseeable future. The rise of the hashtag has unlocked powerful tools for socialContinue reading “Now trending: #Hashtags”