3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive

It has recently been reported that Ghana now has the second highest mobile internet penetration in West Africa. According to a new report on Ghana’s mobile-enabled digital transformation, nearly half of the population can browse the internet via mobile devices. 67 per cent of Ghanaians are connected online by mobile phones according to the GhanaianContinue reading “3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive”

Transforming your business by embracing digital innovations!

I had the honour of giving a presentation during the First National General Insurance Conference 2017. it took place at Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra on Thursday 19th October. The theme for the conference was “Transforming the General Insurance Industry in Ghana through Self-Regulation, Financial Capacity and Business Innovation. I spoke on “Transforming the GeneralContinue reading “Transforming your business by embracing digital innovations!”

Parenting In the Digital Age

A colleague recently told me of his 4 year old son’s near scathing experience with YouTube. He and many other parents I know worry about how their children use the Internet and what outside influences they might be exposed to. And while the Internet is perhaps the most dominant demonstration of technology, it is notContinue reading “Parenting In the Digital Age”