4 easy ways Pinterest can make you extra productive – part 1

The headline above may seem counter-intuitive. Social Media can be a huge distraction. However, I choose to liken Social Media to fire. It can be an excellent servant or a horrible master. That depends on how you use it.

INCREASE YOUR CHRISTMAS SALES 3 Last-minute social media tactics you should bank on

  There are only a few days left in the countdown to Christmas! Making the most out of your online presence these holidays can be challenging. News about your deal, special event or new product can be drowned in the sea of online noise, louder especially during the holiday season.

Sponsored data, the way forward for digital inclusion in Ghana?

It is an accepted fact that the Internet has brought a huge revolution which has affected every sphere of our lives. We are no longer limited by physical boundaries, today almost everyone and everything is just a digital handshake away.

5 Tips to boost your business on Social Media

This week we examine 5 tips that will give your marketing efforts a boost on Social Media.  The foundation of excelling in Social Media marketing is to know what you want to say, where you have to say it and to whom.

Social Customer Service – An Introduction

When we consider the value of social media to business, we mostly consider its significance to marketing. The benefits of social media to marketing are enormous and almost every business person is aware of how valuable social media is to marketing. Another way of using social media that is of much significance to business yetContinue reading “Social Customer Service – An Introduction”

The Prospects of using Hashtags in Online Marketing (Part 1)

In our previous article we looked at the history of hashtags and how they functioned on some social media platforms. In this article, we examine the potentials the hashtag has for online marketing. In doing this we will look at the various scenarios in which hashtags are being used on social media and how marketersContinue reading “The Prospects of using Hashtags in Online Marketing (Part 1)”

Now trending: #Hashtags

The hashtag is becoming increasingly popular on most social media platforms particularly Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google Plus. This means that these virtual appendages Internet users tack on to keywords are here to stay, at least well into the foreseeable future. The rise of the hashtag has unlocked powerful tools for socialContinue reading “Now trending: #Hashtags”