4 innovative ways your brand can use SMS marketing this Christmas

Christmas is a few days away and most businesses are making frantic efforts to promote their offers to prospects and customer. Have you considered the power of text marketing during this period? Leveraging mobile is essential if you want to promote your product/service and grow your business.

Why Our World Would End Without Sponsored Data

We are in the digital revolution but the renaissance has not been equally distributed worldwide. We in Africa find ourselves cut off and in the dark when it comes to the technological leaps the internet has brought the world over.  I believe the future of Africa is online. The Internet is a huge, unquestionable forceContinue reading “Why Our World Would End Without Sponsored Data”

3 Facts Wikipedia won’t tell you about Mobile data sponsorship

Wikipedia, the free open content online encyclopedia has become a go-to source for information on almost anything and everything. Conduct a search for ‘Sponsored Data’ on Wikipedia and you come up with the following results “the page “Sponsored data” does not exist.” 

How to build a business empire with sponsored data

The price tag on the attention of consumers is increasing dramatically! Marketers in today’s always-connected, information-rich world face an enormous challenge: a consumer’s brain can hold only so much information before it becomes fatigued. People’s attention spans have become unavoidable scarce as a result. Marketers are thus fighting big odds to reach and engage their audiences.

Sponsored data, the way forward for digital inclusion in Ghana?

It is an accepted fact that the Internet has brought a huge revolution which has affected every sphere of our lives. We are no longer limited by physical boundaries, today almost everyone and everything is just a digital handshake away.

2 Free Mobile Apps That Will Help You To Wow Your Customers

“The secret to success is to treat all customers as if your world revolves around them.” – Anonymous We can all agree that having loyal customers is very important for the overall health of your business. However in today’s noisy and crowded advertising space, it is easy for customers to switch to a competing product orContinue reading “2 Free Mobile Apps That Will Help You To Wow Your Customers”

5 ways Video Chat Applications can enhance your marketing strategy

Google launched its free 1-to-1 video calling app, Duo, last week. Duo works on both iOS and Android. With Duo, Android users get an opportunity to experience something similar to Apple’s FaceTime. One notable feature about Duo is that it does well in low-bandwidth environments which is mostly the case in developing markets. The relativelyContinue reading “5 ways Video Chat Applications can enhance your marketing strategy”