4 easy ways Pinterest can make you extra productive – part 1

The headline above may seem counter-intuitive. Social Media can be a huge distraction. However, I choose to liken Social Media to fire. It can be an excellent servant or a horrible master. That depends on how you use it.

3 Free and Incredibly Useful Educational Websites You Should Know About

This week we explore 3 free useful educational websites were you can get tons of resources on many subject areas including learning a  new language.

3 free and incredibly useful Gmail plugins to increase your email productivity

Email is alive and kicking. It remains resolute in spite of the upheavals which have taken place over the years on the internet. Email continues to be the most professional means of touching base. Gmail, with the backing of Google, is one of the most popular email services.  It is highly probable that you areContinue reading “3 free and incredibly useful Gmail plugins to increase your email productivity”

Slack, a collaborative application for ultra productivity

Most modern work teams and groups are resorting to Mobile Social Networking applications like WhatsApp and Telegram to stay connected. I have witnessed firsthand how a staff WhatsApp group transformed team dynamics positively. It can be argued that Tech tools which enable teams to work seamlessly can boost productivity. One of such remarkable tools forContinue reading “Slack, a collaborative application for ultra productivity”