Best Practices When Marketing With Hashtags (2)

In this last article on the 7-part series on hashtags, we conclude our examination on how to effectively use hashtags to maximize engagement and reach. Let us go over the basics.  When the hash/pound symbol (#) is used before a relevant word or phrase (with no spaces in-between) a hashtag is create. Hashtags were firstContinue reading “Best Practices When Marketing With Hashtags (2)”

Best practices when marketing with Hashtags (1)

During the past few weeks, we have been introduced to what hashtags are and their potential value to online marketing campaigns (when used properly). We have also discussed the key considerations to be given when choosing a hashtag. In this and the next week, we consider 14 best practices when marketing with hashtags. As alreadyContinue reading “Best practices when marketing with Hashtags (1)”

7 Challenges of using hashtags in online marketing

So far we have dealt with what a hashtag is and how it aids marketers in their online promotional efforts. Although a great way to market on social media, hashtags have their drawbacks. In this article we look at some challenges associated with using hashtags in marketing and examine some cases of hashtag fails. MarketersContinue reading “7 Challenges of using hashtags in online marketing”

The Prospects of using Hashtags in Online Marketing (Part 2)

In last week’s blog post, we discussed the various prospects of hashtags and the uses they have been put to by marketers and individuals on social media. We mentioned that these included awareness creation, starting conversations, expressing sentiments, and organizing events. Let us continue today by analyzing their role in grouping content, prospecting for newContinue reading “The Prospects of using Hashtags in Online Marketing (Part 2)”