How to get the best value from WhatsApp Business

One of the most common means of communicating with family and friends for most Smartphone users in Ghana is via WhatsApp. WhatsApp also plays a crucial role in business transactions as more and more businesses are employing the various functionalities of the app to communicate with their customers and prospects.

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Welcome to #DigitalNuggets

We all agree that the Internet has revolutionized every sphere of our lives!

From conglomerates to the shop next door, almost every business owner has been impacted by this move. Most businesses see the need to dabble in Social Media. However, creating and managing a profitable social media presence remains a challenge to most brands and businesses both big and small.

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7 ways to leverage Instagram Stories for your brand/business

On August 2nd, Instagram made an announcement which turned the Internet upside down:

“Today, we’re introducing Instagram Stories, a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story.”

Source: http://blog.instagram.com/post/148348940287/160802-stories

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In our previous 4 articles, we examined Social Media with regards to Customer Service. This week, we veer away a little from Social Media and delve into the world of Email for Customer Support. Email has transformed the way we communicate and continues to evolve.   Gmail’s arrival in 2004 with enhanced features like greater space for storage and speed caused the then industry giants, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail to sit up. Gmail continues to advance with some helpful applications added on as it matures.


3 simple ways to make the most out of Google Maps

Afehyia pa and welcome into 2018 dear readers! I wish you all the best the year has to offer as we embark on this journey of leveraging the Internet and Social Media for the growth of ourselves, our brands and businesses.

Have you touched the ground running or you are still hung over the holidays?

This week’s article is about navigation. Navigating must be seamless for us to be productive – read to the end to find out how these two go together.

Let us dig into one of the digital tools that can make navigation easier – that is the almighty Google Maps.


1.      Traffic check


I was recently heading towards Pokuase when Google Maps alerted me that there was traffic just ahead of me. It was too late to turn around though since there were no exits after the Ofankor roundabout. I met some traffic around the John Teye area. That made me pay some attention to Google Traffic via Google Maps.

Google Traffic is a feature on Google Maps that displays traffic conditions in real time on major roads and highways.

Here’s how it works: All iPhones that have Google Maps open and Android phones that have location services turned on send anonymous bits of data back to Google. This allows the company to analyze the total number of cars, and how fast they’re going, on a road at any given time..” – Business Insider

With Google Traffic you can see if there are any major delays or traffic jam on your route, so you can make a decision which will save your from sitting and stewing in traffic.

To enable this feature, set your map to et traffic updates and more while driving.

You can even set your normal commute times so that Google Maps adapt to your routines.

 Traffic colors

The color code shows you the speed of traffic on the road.

  • Green: No traffic delays.
  • Orange: Medium amount of traffic.
  • Red: Traffic delays. The darker the red, the slower the speed of traffic on the road.

Note: Gray or blue lines on the map show your routes.

Traffic incident symbols

Traffic incidents include these types of delays:

  • Crashes
  • Construction
  • Road closures
  • Other incidents

To see details about what happened, click or tap the icon.

Note: For road closures, you’ll see a dotted red line where the road is closed.” – source: support.google.com


2.      Use map Offline


It is a good idea to have your map offline you want to save your data, or you are traveling to a place where you are unsure of network coverage.

To save a map/destination offline:

  • Search for the location (by name),
  • tap the name or address on the bottom bar.
  • Tap the Download button to save that map.

To see what you have saved:

  • tap the three-line menu button in the search bar,
  • continue by tapping Offline Areas.

Most times, you can navigate and search for destinations in this mode.

Another way to reduce cost is to use the minimize data usage while navigating, is to limit your Google Maps use only when you are connected to Wi-Fi networks.

Enabling this feature means that Maps and navigation will only work in your downloaded areas or when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Android users can also choose between storing maps directly on their phones or saving it on an external SD card.

To enable it,

  • tap the hamburger button in the upper left corner of the mobile app on Android,
  • scroll to the bottom and select Settingsand
  • tap the toggle switch beside Wi-Fi only.

If you have an iPhone (which doesn’t yet have this option), you can make the same thing happen by disabling Google Maps’ access to cellular data.

Head to Settings > Cellular and switch the toggle for Google Maps.

  1. navigation-car-drive-road.jpgFinding resources

Google maps are generally used for getting directions from one place to the other. All you need to do is to key in your starting and ending (destination)points. There are other great resources you can find with Google Maps.

If you are running low on fuel (because you forgot to fill your tank) in an unfamiliar vicinity, go use Google Maps to search for fuel stations nearby.  You can also search nearby for useful locations like ATMs, places to eat, hotels etc. You can browse through reviews and if you are new to a place and you are deciding between two places.

Google saves all your searches with your google email account


4 quick tips for brands and businesses

  • Get on Google My Business to get your business on Google Maps
  • Encourage people to take pictures at your location (if it is physical) and save it on Google Maps
  • Encourage your customer to review your business on Google Maps
  • Embed Google Maps on your site


Wrapping up

Google Maps is one of the useful tools Google gives us. Let’s make the most of this tool to help us increase our efficiency and effectiveness. Do you know any other cool ways to use Google Maps? Visit www.digitalnuggets.blog and add your comments to the blog post! Keep exploring this app and have a great week!

Your feedback is always appreciated!


Social Media for Small Business Training Workshop with Esther Nyaadie. Digital Nuggets
Social Media for Small Business Training Workshop with Esther Nyaadie. Digital Nuggets

Social Media for Small Business#SM4SB

In today’s market, social media is a highly effective way to grow your business. It has leveled the playing field and given every size of business a platform. 
Unfortunately a lot of small businesses are missing out on how to harness the potential of Social Media.

This is why we’ve put together this course to help you avoid Social Media pitfalls and instead get results from using different social media tools.

During this hands-on workshop, you will be exposed to all the strategies you really need to get great results on Social Media.


We will explore the following…

  • WhatsApp –

The nation’s darling app. Our go-to means of connecting. We will explore ways to prospect for customers and build relationships with existing customers.

  • Facebook 

King of Social Media and great for small businesses, this session will give you the knowledge of how to use this platform to connect with potential customers and help grow your business.

  • LinkedIn 

The world’s largest professional network. We will learn how to create winning profiles, access key networks and grow your connections!

  • Twitter

Learn how to not only setup your profile but how and when to tweet and how to grow your following.

  • Instagram 

We will explore Instagram stories and highlights and learn how your business can get the most out of this visual social media platform! 

We will find out which one best suits your brand/business

 We will also cover:

  • Mapping out social media activities for the year and be one step ahead of your competition
  • Automation to leverage your time
  • Connecting and prospecting
  • How to create a community of raving fans around your business

… and more!

What do you need to bring?

  1. A laptop and power cable, a mobile device will give an added advantage (e.g. tablet, Smartphone etc)
  2. Basic computer literacy
  3. Samples of your products


Time: 9:00 am – 2:00

Date: Saturday, 20th January 2018

Cost: Ghc 150 – kindly pay 15th January to register your interest and secure your seat

Venue: Nobles’ Montessori, Atomic Down. (Off the Dome-Kwabenya road)

Facilitator: Esther Nyaadie – Social Media Consultant, Trainer, Writer and Speaker (#DigitalNuggets)

What You Get

  • Training
  • Lunch
  • Snack
  • Booklet
  • Participation Certificate

Kindly call/WhatsApp 0244180435 to register

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

This is not your ordinary workshop – come and see for yourself!

Does the course location/date/time not work for your organisation? We’re flexible, contact us to bring the training directly to your facility with an in-house or bespoke course. We can set up a training session at a time, date, and location that is most convenient to you!


Staying safe on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the nation’s favourite Social Media platform for various reasons. It makes it easy to connect and share information. The very nature of WhatsApp also allows false information and scams to spread fast.

Last week, there was this one about some UK supermarket giants distributing vouchers and Toyota distributing cars (see figure 1 and 2). All the unsuspecting recipients of these messages had to do was to click on the link and their lives will change for the better.  Clicking on such a message may give scammers access to download personal information from your phone and install cookies to track you. In other instances, clicking on the URL took users to a fake website designed to trick them into handing over personal information.

This week I share some safety and security tips mainly culled from WhatsApp. These include tools and features designed by WhatsApp to help you stay safe while using the platform.


WhatsApp Terms of Service

One way we help you stay safe on WhatsApp is through our Terms of Service. Our Terms of Service set forth the activities on WhatsApp that are prohibited. For instance, submitting content (in the status, profile photos or messages) that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially, or ethnically offensive, or instigates or encourages conduct that would be illegal, or otherwise inappropriate violates our Terms of Service. We will ban a user if we believe that user is violating our Terms of Service.


On WhatsApp, we have created some basic controls that you can adjust as you see fit to help you protect yourself:


  1. Control who sees your information

You can set your last seen, profile photo and/or status to the following options:

Everyone: Your last seen, profile photo and/or status will be available to all WhatsApp users.

My Contacts: Your last seen, profile photo and/or status will be available to your contacts from your address book only.

Nobody: Your last seen, profile photo and/or status will not be available to anyone.

If you uncheck Read receipts, you will not send read receipts. You will also not be able to see other users’ read receipts.

Note: Read Receipts are always sent for group chats, even if you turn off the option in your privacy settings.


  1. Control what you see and with whom you interact

You can block specific contacts from interacting with you via WhatsApp.


  1. Control what you share

You can also decide what to share with your contacts on WhatsApp, and we encourage you to think carefully before you decide to share something. Ask yourself: would you want others to see what you’ve sent?

Please be advised that we do not retain messages after they have been delivered, in the ordinary course of providing our service. Once a message is delivered over WhatsApp, to help ensure the safety, confidentiality and security of the messages you send we do not store the message.

However, when you share a chat, photo, video, file or voice message with someone else on WhatsApp, they will have a copy of these messages. They will have the ability to re-share these messages with others on and off WhatsApp.

WhatsApp also has a location feature that you can use to share your then-current location via a WhatsApp message. You should only share your location with people you trust.

Advanced safety and security features

Report issues to WhatsApp

You can send reports to WhatsApp by contacting us from inside the app.

  • On Android: Simply go to WhatsApp> Menu Button > Settings > About and help > Contact Us.
  • On iPhone: Simply go to WhatsApp> Settings > About and Help > Contact Us.
  • On Windows Phone: Simply go to WhatsApp> more > settings > about > support.

Please provide as much information as possible.

Important: If you feel that you or someone else is in emotional or physical danger, please contact your local law enforcement authorities. They are better able to help in these cases.

We encourage you to report problematic content to us. Please keep in mind that to help ensure the safety, confidentiality and security of your messages, we generally do not have the contents of messages available to us, which limits our ability to verify the report and take action.

When needed, you can take a screenshot of the content and share it, along with any available contact info, with appropriate law enforcement authorities.


Report spam

The first time you receive a message from an unknown number you will be given the option to report the number to WhatsApp as spam directly from the app.



We may ban accounts if we believe the account activity is in violation of our Terms of Service. Per our Terms of Service, we may retain the right to ban you without notification. Please be aware that a user report of conduct in violation of our Terms of Service will not necessarily result in us banning the user or otherwise taking action against the user.

Please review the “Acceptable Use of Our Services” section of our Terms of Service carefully to learn more about the appropriate uses of WhatsApp and the activities that violate our Terms of Service.


Spam and Hoaxes

We work diligently to reduce any spam messages that come through our system. Creating a safe space for users to communicate with one another is a priority. However, just like regular SMS or phone calls, it is possible for other WhatsApp users who have your phone number to contact you. So, we want to help you identify and handle spam and hoax messages.

Spam and hoax messages may or may not come from one of your contacts. These types of messages spread false information and are designed to deceive you and prompt you to act in a certain way. If a message looks suspicious or sounds too good to be true, don’t tap on it, share it or forward it.

Watch out for messages that:

  • Include misspellings or grammatical mistakes
  • Ask you to tap on a link
  • Ask you to share your personal information (like credit card and bank account numbers, birthdate, passwords, etc.)
  • Ask you to forward the message
  • Ask you to click on a link to “activate” a new feature
  • Say that you have to pay to use WhatsApp (WhatsApp is a free app. We will never ask you to pay to use WhatsApp and you do not have to do anything to use WhatsApp for free.)


What to do

If you are receiving the message from an unknown number, you will be given the option to report the number to WhatsApp as spam directly from the app.

If you’ve received spam from a contact, delete the message and do not click on any links or provide personal information. Tell the contact that the message they sent includes spam and point them to this WhatsApp safety page.

You can also send reports of spam to WhatsApp by contacting us from inside the app.


Wrapping up

I would entreat us all to use the platform responsible. To help curb the spread of false information, kindly check the source of the information before helping to circulate it. Be it job opportunities, appeal for funds etc.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is – so slow down and take a couple of minutes to think. Don’t be pressurized into making quick decisions. Say that you’re going to hang up, then call back on a number you are comfortable with, either from a statement or on the back of your card.

Figure 1- if you watch closely you will see the cross in the d in “asda”. Manually typing this url will take you  to an error page!


Figure 2- one of the scams of WhatsApp, if you watch closely you will see the dot on the g in “argos”


3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive

It has recently been reported that Ghana now has the second highest mobile internet penetration in West Africa. According to a new report on Ghana’s mobile-enabled digital transformation, nearly half of the population can browse the internet via mobile devices. 67 per cent of Ghanaians are connected online by mobile phones according to the Ghanaian Times story. I will like to stick my neck out there and say over 70% of mobile internet users use WhatsApp. This is one of the most common means of communicating with family and friends for most Smartphone users in Ghana. WhatsApp also plays a crucial role in business transactions as more and more businesses are employing the various functionalities of the app to communicate with their customers and prospects.

in February 2014, Jan Koum, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of WhatsApp, commended Ghanaians for their innovative approach to using the mobile application at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Citing how useful the application has been to subscribers worldwide, Koum singled out Ghana as a country that is using the product in a way he and his co-founder — never imagined when they created the application.

This week, I share 3 ways we can achieve much more with our WhatsApp presence.


There are some messages which need to be timed before they are sent. Sometimes a message may need to be sent but your attention may be taken up by other tasks so you may forget in the end.   Sometimes it is too early or too late in the day – as often happens when you suddenly remember to do something in the wee hours of the morning.

I want to share an app that will help you to schedule those very important messages on WhatsApp!

SQEDit Scheduling App: Schedule WhatsApp

3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive
3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive

SQEDit is a free and easy-to-use scheduling app that lets you schedule SMS, send emails later, schedule Facebook posts, schedule WhatsApp messages, and set call reminders. This top-rated Android scheduling app acts like your personal virtual assistant. Effortlessly handle all your communication, in one simple place with this free 5-in-1 WhatsApp scheduler, SMS scheduler, Facebook Post scheduler, Call scheduler, and Email scheduler.

+          Save Time: Schedule posts, SMS, and emails to be sent later automatically. Save countless hours lost in tedious back-and-forth messaging each day.
+          Eliminate Stress: Streamline all your communication so it runs smoothly. Calmly breeze through your day not worrying about sending message reminders or last-minute phone calls.
+          Stay Organized: Structure, schedule & plan all your communication down to a T. No more drowning in an ocean of unwelcomed phone calls, emails, and messages.
+          Boost Productivity: All your communication needs handled. Tackle your top priorities with laser-like focus with a fully-free WhatsApp, post, and SMS scheduler.
+          Automate Your Communication: Swift, automated communication makes everything fall into place like clockwork. Relax as your sail through your day, having already planned it yesterday.
+          Set Reminders: Schedule WhatsApp messages, automatic emails, and call reminders to be sent to yourself. Enjoy effortlessly staying in-sync with your plans through the power of automated reminders.

How it works – 5 easy steps
[1]       Quickly Register: Simply fill in contact info, or use One-Touch Facebook register, for a rapid download & install.
[2]       Choose Communication Service: Select communication method you’d like to automate: Call, SMS, Email, Facebook, WhatsApp.
[3]       Write Content: Jot down your message or content you’d like to have automatically sent.
[4]       Schedule Date & Time: Set exact time & date for your message, content or call. Sit back & relax while SQEDit handles the rest.
[5]       Receive Reminders: Choose to get a reminder just before your message to manually send. Perfect for last minute changes or cancellations.
Here are some scenarios for using the app:

–           If you need help remembering birthdays and special events of loved ones 

–           If you are busy with other activities but still need to communicate  – schedule automatic emails to be sent to business partners when you know you’ll be caught in long meetings
–           If you always need to remind others  – use the scheduler to remind your team about important meet-ups, deadlines or set call reminders to stay in touch.
–           If you are a Blogger using many different communication channels with fans
–           If you are a Businessman travelling many different time zones  – schedule WhatsApp messages or automatic emails out to your team before you travel
–           If you are a Marketer needing to send your message when it’s most likely to be read – schedule posts on Facebook to be shared when your target market is most active
–           When you will be driving and want to avoid texting/calling, but still needing to communicate – schedule SMS for when you know you’ll be driving so you’re not constantly glancing at your phone and putting yourself in danger on the road
–           If you are a Management consultant needing to send emails later at a very late / early hour –  send emails later just when you know clients are most likely to be free, so you get their full attention



One advantage SMS has over WhatsApp (with all the bells and whistles) is the ability to send messages without adding the contact number. You may sometimes need to send a quick message to someone on WhatsApp who is not in your contacts.

Click2Chat WhatsApp

3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive
3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive

Click2Chat WhatsApp is absolutely free and works without internet as well.
Click2Chat allows you to translate, send and schedule WhatsApp message to any number without saving them. It also translates your message to 63 global languages. You can fetch numbers from your call logs as well.

Features :
–           The interface is easy to use.
–           One click send option.
–           You can select numbers form your call logs.
–           You can preview, share and download other people’s status
–           You can also schedule messages to send later with this app.

Adding People to Groups Without Saving Contact

You do not need to add a person to your contacts before you add them to a group. Just go to the group information page and tap on Add participant.

There is another app called Open In WhatsApp which is supposed to help you chat with WhatsApp numbers which are not saved in your contacts. I have not tried this app yet.



    3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive
    3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive

Do you need to use two sims in one phone but wish you could have WhatsApp running on both? Parallel Space is an app which lets you clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously, and use themes to style your unique space.

As one of the top-ranked tools on Android, Parallel Space helps more than 90 million users log on multiple accounts at the same time on one device and highlight their own style. It also protects user privacy by making apps invisible on device with the Incognito Installation feature. Moreover, users are able to customize themes of their cloned apps and the themes of Parallel Space to style their own space. Parallel Space supports 24 languages, and be compatible with most Android apps. Get Parallel Space immediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy, and customize your own space.

★     Log in to multiple accounts of social networking apps or game apps at the same time on one device
• Balance between users’ life and work easily.
• Double users’ online gaming experience and have more fun.
• Almost all apps are supported for a second account in Parallel Space. Data from both accounts won’t interfere with each other.

★     Protect user privacy, make apps invisible on device through Incognito Installation
• Hide users’ secret apps without worrying about prying eyes by keeping apps only in secret space.
• Protect user privacy with a security lock.

★     Create a customized space by applying themes
• A theme store is integrated into Parallel Space and a list of customized themes are ready for users to apply to style your own space.
• To style a unique space by a customized theme. The user can switch fast the different themes by one-tap with their moods.

★     Switch fast between accounts with just one-tap
• Run two accounts simultaneously and switch between them fast with one-tap to effective manage different accounts.

Wrapping up

I believe that technology should be useful to the user. I hope these tools will enhance the usefulness of WhatsApp for you. I will love to get feedback on these applications and any other ones you use along with WhatsApp.

Have a fruitful week!



Transforming your business by embracing digital innovations!

I had the honour of giving a presentation during the First National General Insurance Conference 2017. it took place at Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra on Thursday 19th October.

The theme for the conference was “Transforming the General Insurance Industry in Ghana through Self-Regulation, Financial Capacity and Business Innovation.

I spoke on “Transforming the General Insurance Industry in Ghana through Business Innovation” and emphasized mainly on taking advantage of digital innovations. My article this week will focus on some key lessons and takeaways from my presentation which may be relevant to other businesses and sectors.

The main speaker for the event, Mr. Steven Oluch, CEO of ICEA LION General Insurance, Nairobi, Kenya in his presentation shared the following quote:

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the lion or a gazelle-when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.” ― Christopher McDougall.

I would want to liken the sun coming out in the morning as the rise of the digital era. All companies whether big (lion) or small (gazelle) must run to survive. A company must either “change or die”!




Current market trends and technology empowers the customer and can also reduce costs for brands and businesses.

  • S/he has access to information: There is information about companies, products and services readily available and literally at the fingertips on customers. They can easily find out about your organizations reputation if they look in the right places in the digital space. This new customer makes purchase decisions based on social proof and information.
  • Power to undo: The modern customer has the power to “undo” a company! Very recently faced global wrath for an advert deemed racist. The brand was quick to apologize via Twitter, saying it regretted the portrayal.  We have seen the protests on Social Media at the Nivea “for visibly fairer skin” ad in the past few days with the #PullitDownNow tag on Social Media. In 2016 we slammed CNN with #GetitrightCNN in a report about the elections reporting that Ghanaians struggled to obtain food. The almighty #DumsorMustStop grew off the internet into an actual street protest! There are a dozen examples of what the empowered customer can “do and undo”.
  • Direct access to a brand/business/organization: The modern customer can have access to the CEO of the company. There are different channels through which he can have access to your company. On social media platforms, this may be done with an audience watching! Today’s customer is soliciting customer service on social media more and more because Social Media allows him/her to connect with companies on a very personal level and promptly.
  • Fickle and wants ease and fluidity

Today’s customer expects a company to know and seamlessly solve his problems. He does not have time to deal with the departments and divisions in your company. They may disengage with your brand if they do not receive a seamless experience.  Companies which have taken the lead in providing seamless experiences like, WhatsApp (syncing mobile with desktop/laptop) and Chrome (being able to pick up from where you left off when you switch devices) have given the customer a taste of what to expect from brands.

  • Brands and organizations have to take note of the fact that Internet accessibility in Africa is predominantly mobile.
  • Our mobile devices are almost always within an arm’s reach and go everywhere with us.
  • The mobile phone may be the first thing we interact with when we wake up from sleep, and may even be responsible for waking us from sleep!


  1. The explosion of data

Due to the digital explosion we are leaving so much data that reveal patterns, trends, and associations, relating to our behaviour and interactions. Uber and Ayalolo may have data on your transportation habits. Facebook may know your wedding anniversary! We are making so much data that companies are struggling to keep up and to try and make sense of this data i.e. turn it into knowledge.


Taking the reins

How can we embrace and make the most of this digital revolution?


  1. The empowered customer
  • Brands and businesses must make relevant information readily available to their customers and prospects across all their digital touchpoints.
    • Brands and businesses must use social media to address pain points.
    • Brands and businesses must use social media as a helpline. Your customers should be able to reach you via your social media platforms.
    • Brands and businesses must use social media to educate customers and prospects.
  • Gather feedback

Customer feedback can be one of the greatest sources of learning for a brand/business. Feedback gives an understanding of the why’s behind revenue numbers and other implicit metrics.

  • Make them advocates

You can make your customers advocates for your brand on Social media. You can brag about how good your product/service is, however, social media advocacy is a better way to spread the word. You have testimonials from people who have actually experienced your brand. This is like having third party cheerleaders who use their personal social media accounts to promote your brand. This is the traditional “word-of-mouth” marketing approach in digital form.


  • be customer centric

Whatever digital medium you are using to reach your customer was created because of the customer and must function as such.  Social media is about connecting with people. Brands and businesses must remember not to lose the personal touch.  Build relationships with your customer even before and after a transaction takes place.


  1. Being mobile

The mobile era requires all brands and businesses to have mobile versions of their websites. These mobile sites should have the following features:

  • It should be easy to take action on your mobile site after your customer has made a decision about your product or service.
  • Important information should be readily available. Customers do not have to pinch and zoom and scroll before they find relevant information.
  • It should be easy for customers to contact you via your mobile website, it is a “mobile” website so the ability to give your company a call or send an SMS or instant message etc will be very useful.
  • Your mobile websites design should be light to enable fast loading even when internet connectivity is low.
  1. Use data!

Facebook uses algorithms to design our newsfeeds and show us content which is relevant with us. Companies should follow suit and deal with their prospects and customer. There is an Insurtech called Digital Fineprint which uses data they gather on LinkedIn to get an idea about a person’s income and information on Facebook to determine his/her appetite for risk.



  1. …riding the digital waves

Organisations which will win the race when the sun comes up should:

  1. Share data across teams
  2. Develop products and services around the customer
  3. Build relationships (before and even after transactions)
  4. Allocate budget for digital
  5. Train and make their staff social media literate.
  6. Collaborate with IT/Digital marketing experts to come up with products and applications that can meet the needs of the modern customer.


  1. The importance of having an army of employee advocates in the digital space

“The people who work for the company” are the biggest marketing asset that a brand can have. Your employees can be your biggest advocates on and offline.

Apart from the Social Media manager or marketing team making use of Social Media platforms to market their brand, alternative individuals working at the company might act as ambassadors on their Social Media channels. Training your employees will help them to use social media responsibly and you will avoid most online disasters.


Wrapping up

Educate your employees and see a spike in your profits through exposure, brand awareness and increased revenue. Encouraging them to use Social Media and equipping them by way of training is one of the best investments a brand can make in this internet age.

if your company would like to hire me to either provide on-site Social Media training to your team, and/or to help your company organize an internal Social Media training programme for your employees, please feel free to contact me through any of the communication means below! I will be delighted to assist you.

Have a fruitful week!


4 easy ways Pinterest can make you extra productive – part 2

We began exploring ways in which Pinterest could make us more productive last week. We saw how we could use Pinterest for bookmarking and for research.  If you missed the article kindly click here to read it.

This week we explore how we can use Pinterest for collaboration and inspiration!


  1. Pinterest as a Collaboration tool:

Pinterest can be a tool for collaborating and sharing. Invite team members to your board so that they can also add their ideas to boards. You can invite people to both public and private boards. Use such boards for planning and brainstorming with your team/customer(s). You can also send ideas to your customers and prospects via Pinterest or share Pins, boards, or profiles to external platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even text messages.

To collaborate:

  • Go to the board you want to edit or create a new board by clicking Add >

  • Add a Board up at the top toolbar on Pinterest.

  • On the board’s settings menu, select “Me + Contributors.”

  • You must follow at least one board belonging to a user in order to add him/her as a contributor.

    adding collaborators.jpg

  1. Pinterest as a Virtual Inspiration Board

Back in the day, we used vision boards for inspiration. We would cut out pictures from magazines and glue on a piece of cardboard as a tool to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goals. Pinterest can be your virtual inspiration board. You can create boards for your goals and aspirations. The Pinterest “tried it” allows you to keep track of all the ideas you have tried. What’s more “you can even add feedback, notes and photos to help others decide if they should give it a go too.”

I have seen a Huffington Post article based on an academic study (by Hiroshima University) in 2012. The study claimed “viewing cute things improves subsequent performance in tasks that require behavioral carefulness, possibly by narrowing the breadth of attentional focus “. It stated further that charming images “induce careful behavioral tendencies in the users, which is beneficial in specific situations, such as driving and office work “. According to the study participants who looked at the pictures of cute animals, increased their performance in concentration tasks by 44%!

How do the pictures below make you feel?

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Pinterest also has a feature called tried where you can share the pins you have tried and give feedback on the results including images of your results. This can help you keep track of your accomplishments on Pinterest. This may help you to achieve goals you set on Pinterest.

How to turn your Pinterest Boards into PDF  

There may be times where you will need to access your Pinterest boards offline or even print them out. Let me share two ways you can do this.

  • Find the board you would like to print out
  • Press “Control P” or use the print in the browser toolbar
  • At the options/destinations in the print dialogue box change to save PDF
  • Name the file and save the PDF on your computer

Convert a Pinterest board to PDF.
Convert a Pinterest board to PDF.

pinterest to pdf 2

There is a content curation platform  called Clipzine.me  which can also help you turn your boards into PDF. What you need to do is:

  • Create a free account at Clipzine.me
  • Add the Clipzine.me bookmarklet to your browser tool bar
  • Open the Pinterest board you want to curate as a PDF or JPEG
  • Click the Clipzine.me bookmarklet tool and you will then have the opportunity to select multiple pins from your Pinterest board
  • You can reorganize the content of your curated pages including identifying which page is to be the cover of your PDF or JPEG
  • Edit and style the content including setting the style of your fonts
  • You can then download the Clipzine you have curated from your Pinterest board images as a JPEG or PDF file – the PDF will have a live link back to your Pinterest board


Wrapping up

Pinterest is an interesting platform which can help you do more if properly harnessed. Bookmark your visuals and links to things you care about and Pinterest will help you to organize, reference, compare, or share with other people.

If you have any questions or comments on using Pinterest for productivity send me a message on WhatsApp and any of my other Social Media accounts. I will love to help you and get feedback about this article.  Have a super-productive week!



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