How to get the best value from WhatsApp Business

One of the most common means of communicating with family and friends for most Smartphone users in Ghana is via WhatsApp. WhatsApp also plays a crucial role in business transactions as more and more businesses are employing the various functionalities of the app to communicate with their customers and prospects.

3 simple ways to make the most out of Google Maps

Afehyia pa and welcome into 2018 dear readers! I wish you all the best the year has to offer as we embark on this journey of leveraging the Internet and Social Media for the growth of ourselves, our brands and businesses. Have you touched the ground running or you are still hung over the holidays?Continue reading “3 simple ways to make the most out of Google Maps”

Staying safe on WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the nation’s favourite Social Media platform for various reasons. It makes it easy to connect and share information. The very nature of WhatsApp also allows false information and scams to spread fast. Last week, there was this one about some UK supermarket giants distributing vouchers and Toyota distributing cars (see figure 1Continue reading “Staying safe on WhatsApp”

3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive

It has recently been reported that Ghana now has the second highest mobile internet penetration in West Africa. According to a new report on Ghana’s mobile-enabled digital transformation, nearly half of the population can browse the internet via mobile devices. 67 per cent of Ghanaians are connected online by mobile phones according to the GhanaianContinue reading “3 easy ways WhatsApp can make you extra productive”

Transforming your business by embracing digital innovations!

I had the honour of giving a presentation during the First National General Insurance Conference 2017. it took place at Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra on Thursday 19th October. The theme for the conference was “Transforming the General Insurance Industry in Ghana through Self-Regulation, Financial Capacity and Business Innovation. I spoke on “Transforming the GeneralContinue reading “Transforming your business by embracing digital innovations!”

4 easy ways Pinterest can make you extra productive – part 2

We began exploring ways in which Pinterest could make us more productive last week. We saw how we could use Pinterest for bookmarking and for research.  If you missed the article kindly click here to read it. This week we explore how we can use Pinterest for collaboration and inspiration!   Pinterest as a CollaborationContinue reading “4 easy ways Pinterest can make you extra productive – part 2”

4 easy ways Pinterest can make you extra productive – part 1

The headline above may seem counter-intuitive. Social Media can be a huge distraction. However, I choose to liken Social Media to fire. It can be an excellent servant or a horrible master. That depends on how you use it.