How Messenger codes can grow your business

Facebook continues to make direct communication (through its Messenger app) fast and convenient for both people and businesses.

On Thursday (7th April), Facebook announced that it had started rolling out new features for Messenger. Ā These included a Snapchat like feature: scanable codes. Messenger codesĀ intends to makeĀ messaging Ā a more effective communication channel for your business.

To access your unique Facebook Messenger Code

Messenger Code images are available for download in your Pageā€™s inbox.

  1. Go to your Messages
  2. Click on the broken circles icon
How to get Messenger code
Figure 1 – Ā Follow the numbered steps to get your Messenger code!


3. Ā  An image will appear with circular patterns around it

4. Ā Download the image – that is your Messenger code

Messenger codes for business, Exact Media
Figure 2 – Ā Get your Messenger code by following the numbered steps


Some of the ways you can use Messenger codes for your business include:

Encourage your customers and prospects toĀ reach out to your businessĀ  with Messenger Codes. Place your codes in all your visualĀ advertisements. Place your Messenger code on yourĀ website andĀ in any other visual marketing channel. You can also share it on your other Social Media accounts (see figure 3 and 4) .



Examples of Messenger codes in useĀ 

@yourcre8tivity shares the new code on its Instagram account with this message: “Send us your questions for upcoming guests via the newĀ @facebook #messengercodes

Messenger codes for business
Figure 3 – @yourcre8tivity hosts an 8 question blog series exploring artistic individuals & their creativity. They use the new Messenger codes feature to solicit for questions for their upcoming guests!



@lennondesignĀ also encourages customers to interact with the following message: “chat with @lennondesign anytime with the new @facebook #messengercodes”

Using Messenger codes for business - Social Media tips
@lennondesign a creative company which offers Digital, Print, Point Of Purchase displays services invites its fans to interact!

How do you think your business can benefit from Messenger codes?

Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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