The Instagram Algorithm is upon us!

…this earnest appeal is fueled by a rumour!

Scrolling through Instagram the past few days, I see some popular Instagram accounts are urging their followers to select “Turn On Post Notifications” to ensure that they “don’t miss out on their posts”. What is causing this “fear and panic”? Instagram plans to start testing a new, non-chronological timeline (like Facebook and Twitter). It will use an algorithm to determine what posts you would most like to see, and show those to you first when you open the app.

The various ways in which accounts on Instagram are prompting their users to keep them in their news feed
…and the pleas continue

According to Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom , right now, people miss roughly 70% of the posts in their Instagram feed. So by highlighting popular posts, trending posts, and posts from people you interact with most on the social network, Instagram hopes to ensure you do not miss out on images you would have liked to see.

People have become very creative with their pleas


So we can fight it, hate it, complain about it, #ripinstagram it… but like it or yes, the almighty algorithm is coming upon us! The good news with the algorithm is that, if something you post is truly remarkable, valuable and engaging (your audience determines all these) you could conceivably get bumped to the top of the news feed and actually be seen by MORE people instead of being buried and forgotten.

instagram announcement
As Instagram announced, they will let us know when the changes roll broadly or take effect worldwide

In their original announcement (figure 2), Instagram noted that the algorithm would take effect in the coming months, so the actual timeline for implementation remains somewhat vague. But as has now been communicated, the platform will let users know when any such changes will come into effect. No need to panic. –

Instagram algorithm panic

And do not believe the hype do not #TurnOnNotifications or #TurnMeOn . Turning on notifications  make posts from these accounts  come up as push notifications and these have the potential to be incredibly disruptive all day.



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